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Is gift wrapping paper recyclable?

is gift wrapping recyclable

You’ve watched Blue Planet, you love turtles and you want to do your bit this Christmas to be eco friendly. But you are a bit confused by mixed messages about whether you should be using gift wrap, brown paper, newspaper or even wrapping presents at all this Christmas. So I’ve put this little post together to help you answer the question; Is gift wrapping paper recyclable?

Skip the waffle, show me where I can buy 100% recyclable gift wrap!


A really quick test is the Scrunch Test but it’s not quite as simple as that.

So which gift wrapping is recyclable?

Supermarket ‘cheap as chips’ wrapping paper

Probably not recyclable. Even if it doesn’t contain any glitter, foil or added extras, the thin wrapping paper that is often found at the checkout is unlikely to be accepted by paper mills for recycling as it contains few good quality fibres for recycling.

Gift wrap with foil or glitter effects

The paper might be recyclable but the glitter and foil effects make it difficult and too expensive (if it is even possible) to recycle. At least the paper will biodegrade if put in general household waste but the foil and glitter additives might not.

Recycled wrapping paper

Yes, most probably recyclable, providing no glitter, foil etc is added. You can get recycled wrapping paper. However, there is a debate as to whether it is better to produce recycled paper or use virgin pulp from FSC certified sources as the recycling process itself is expensive and energy consuming. Another alternative could be using paper from easily replenishable sources such as bamboo that grows quickly.

stamped brown kraft wrapping paperBrown paper

This shouldn’t be recycled but should go in the compostable bin along with brown cardboard but that’s ok. Good environmental option! Not so good if you want a pretty design as you’ll have to do one yourself and make sure any design you apply is also compostable! Check out my Pinterest board for some ideas. Use vegetable based inks to stamp the paper and add natural embellishments like twigs, flowers and berries that can also be composted.

Printed, quality wrapping paper

Yes, this wrapping paper is recyclable. One thing you might like to check is what inks are used in the print. Some companies use eco friendly vegetable based inks that do not harm the environment. Also check if the paper used is from FSC sources.

All of the gift wrap in my Flamingo shop is 100% recyclable, uses vegetable based inks and is from FSC sources.

We can confirm that all Flamingo Paperie gift wrap is recyclable. It is printed on Amber Graphic Material which is ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free). This is a technique which uses chlorine dioxide for the bleaching of wood pulp and does not use elemental chlorine gas during the bleaching process, so preventing the formation of dioxins, dioxin-like compounds and carcinogens. We also use vegetable inks with water rather than the alcohol damping process. Individual local authorities have their own rules on what they will and will not recycle, but we can confirm that our paper is fully recyclable. (statement from Flamingo HQ)

If you are a designer looking to print your own gift wrap then there are UK print companies that have a very high standard of eco friendly printing like Ashley House.

General tips on making gift wrapping paper recyclable

Before recycling or composting your gift wrap make sure you remove all sellotape, tags, ribbons, bows etc. Gift tags might be recyclable/compostable but the ribbon that they are attached often isn’t so make sure you remove it first. If in doubt, ask the company, they will know. Many gift wrap companies have an environmental policy like Flamingo Paperie. In fact all their gift tags, including the jute string, are 100% recyclable.

For further information see Recycle Now

Also wondering what Christmas cards to buy? You might be interested to know that all our Christmas cards are charity cards as well as being environmentally friendly.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Flamingo Paperie

frequently asked questions about Flamingo Paperie

If you have any questions about joining my Flamingo Paperie team then you can ask anything directly to me. However, there are a few frequently asked questions about Flamingo Paperie that come up time and again so I thought I’d put them all in one post for you.

My Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about Flamingo Paperie.

Are the products still the same quality as Phoenix?

No, I’d say they are even better! We have made our gift wrap thicker and our cards are now all matt textured, which makes them look even more fabulous. The same amazing illustrators are designing our cards as well as new ones each time we launch a new range. We are always looking for more artists too.

Can I make money at this?

Yes! There are two ways to make money, selling and sponsoring.

You make at least 20% on everything you sell. If you buy the stock yourself and sell it you make 30% profit. If you use your free ecommerce website that comes with your starter kit then you make 20% but you don’t have to do any stock handling. Of course you can do a mixture of both online and offline selling.

The other way you can make money is by building your own team of Independent Flamingo Partners. We call this sponsoring. E.g. when you join my team and you sell products I get a bonus from the company for your sales. This doesn’t come from your profit and the sales profit you make is exactly the same as I make on my sales. However I get a ‘sponsor and support’ bonus for helping you grow your business.

How much is it to join your team?

There are three starter packs to choose from at £45, £95 and £200.

What do I get in my starter pack?

Each pack contains a selection of stock, brochures, other sales aids, your public liability insurance and an ecommerce website.

More exactly pack 1, £45, contains 30 cards (worth £60 retail), 25 brochures, 25 promotional leaflets, 1 order pad and 500 personalised address labels, public liability insurance and an ecommerce website.

Pack 2, £95, contains 80 cards (worth £160 retail), 50 brochures, 50 promotional leaflets, 1 order pad and 500 personalised address labels, public liability insurance and an ecommerce website.

Pack 3, £200, contains 200 cards and 5 gift wrap sheets (worth over £400 retail), 100 brochures, 50 promotional leaflets, 1 order pad and 500 personalised address labels, 250 ‘thank you’ business cards, public liability insurance and an ecommerce website.

So each pack is worth more than it costs you and contains everything you need to start your business at whatever level you want to.

Are there targets I have to meet?

No. There are bonuses you can get if you sell a certain amount and if you build a team etc but there is absolutely no requirement from the company for you to do that. If you don’t want to, then don’t. If you want to make more money then you will want to set those targets for yourself but no one else is going to insist that you achieve them. It’s your business, it’s up to you.

What help do I get?

When you join my team I am here to support you in whatever way I can help. You can contact me by email, phone or online at any time and ask for whatever help you need. My team is part of a bigger team too and they are also there to support you. I have a team Facebook group where we have online meetings, people ask questions, share success stories and experiences. I am also developing a set of short videos to help with various topics that crop up frequently. However, it is up to you to make your business work. If you want to grow, ask questions. Of all the team members I’ve had the ones who are most successful with Flamingo are the ones who ask lots of questions!

Can I sell other things alongside Flamingo cards?

Yes absolutely. The great thing I have found about selling cards is that they go extremely well with other products to sell. If you’re selling candles for example, chances are people will be buying gifts and will need a card and gift wrap to go with it. You can offer the complete package!

Where can I sell the cards?

You can sell from your home, to your neighbour, to friends and family, work colleagues.  Or sell at fairs and events. You could take a bag or basket of aards to work or a workplace staff room. Set up a Facebook business page and advertise your cards on there. Or have an online ‘pop up shop’ through your Facebook page. You can have a ‘pop up shop’ (where you take some cards and gift wrap along to show people). Do this in someone’s house, a toddler group or maybe a fundraising event. You can pretty much sell wherever you like. The only exceptions being you can’t sell through an online auction site (e.g. EBay) and you can’t sell to a retail outlet (but you could give them a basket of cards for their staff room).

Isn’t it just a pyramid scheme?

No. Pyramid schemes are illegal in the UK for a start! In a pyramid scheme someone sells something to you and you have to sell it for a higher price and so on until eventually the system cannot sustain itself. In Flamingo everyone buys cards at the same price and sells them at the same price for the same profit. I support you and get a support bonus from the company proportional to your sales but not from your profits. Think of shareholders in a corporate organisation who get bonuses when the workforce bring in extra money. With Flamingo if you sell more you make more profit and your sponsor (the person who’s team you joined) gets a bonus from the company’s profits. There are no shareholders! Unlike a traditional corporation you have the opportunity to earn more by selling more!

How do I join?

The only way to join my team is online here.

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered in my frequently asked questions about Flamingo Paperie. Or if you’d like a copy of the full reward plan then please ask me. No question is too small or silly!


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Art of Gift Wrapping — Shiho Masuda

art of gift wrapping

Last month, I was invited to have a live interview to talk about my career as a gift wrapping designer at a local TV show in Hawaii. We talked about how I started my career and what projects I’ve been working on, then at the mid-point of the show, the interviewer asked me, “Why is the art of gift wrapping important?”
Image 1.jpg

To answer this question was important to me because that’s where my passion lies.

The art of gift wrapping is important because it helps us build an emotional connection with others. If hiding the content (gift) is all you want, putting it in a paper bag will do a fine job.

You want to wrap your gift in a beautiful presentation because you care about the recipients and want to express your feelings of appreciation, love and/or joy for them. The act of gift wrapping maybe physical but the real reason of doing so is emotional.

The art of gift wrapping is about building relationships and keeping connections with people important in your life.

In the world of internet and social media in which everyone focused on developing online interactions, taking the time to create something beautiful with your hands is a meaningful and heartfelt way to communicate with others.

I’ve been creating the art of gift wrapping for years for my family, friends and clients and the reactions I get from them are always priceless. Imagine instead of just a cookie-cutter mall wrapped gift, your friends and family will get these…

And this is why I’m passionate about teaching and sharing ideas of the art of gift wrapping so that you can reconnect with your loved ones through the beautiful art created by hand.

Just in time for the holiday season, this is an excellent way to start preparing your personal gifts. There are some awesome ways that you can tailor-make how you present those gifts to the people you love.

P.S. My new online course will help you do just that and it’ll be available next week at a very low price just for you for the holiday season. 😊 It’ll help you to learn and create the art of gift wrapping for your friends and family so that you can really “wow” them!

via How to Create More Intimacy and Build Better Relationships through the Art of Gifting — Shiho Masuda

If you love the art of gift wrapping then you can now get a monthly deluxe box of coordinated gift wrapping materials delivered straight to your door from Cards and Gift Wrap.

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Roll wrap

roll wrap

A lot of customers ask me for roll wrap. I do stock rolls and they are fabulous. Unfortunately with postage prices being what they are it isn’t cost effective to offer it for sale on my website as the postage would cost more than the wrap itself.

However, if you live in the Western Isles or round the Black Isle/Inverness area then I can probably arrange delivery for free.

With that in mind here is some of the roll wrap I have. If you’d like some please get in touch and I will do my best to sort you out.

It’s all fabulous, gorgeously designed and quality wrap that won’t rip or tear easily when wrapping.

If you see something you like please contact me to arrange delivery, or email me at

5m jumbo rolls

patchwork nutcracker jumbo roll wrap
Patchwork Nutcracker
Red and gold stars jumbo roll
Red and Gold Stars








Christmas 3m Roll Wrap

Carol Singers roll wrap
Carol Singers
Winter Wonderland roll wrap
Winter Wonderland
Robins roll wrap
Forest Animals roll wrap
Forest Animals
Christmas Berries roll wrap
Christmas Berries
Nutcracker roll wrap

















Everyday 3m Roll Wrap

Lime Trio roll wrap
Lime Trio (choose green spot, stripes or white flecks)
Rainbow stars
Rainbow Stars
Party Time roll wrap
Party Time



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Nativity advent calendars

Nativity advent calendar fold out calendar with 24 doors. Code ADV26 traditional nativity advent calendars

Are you a teacher looking for something for the classroom or just someone who likes to send a card with a true Christmas meaning? Whatever nativity advent calendars you are looking for there is a good choice here.

NFlamingo Paperie Christmas cards Nativity stable advent calendar XADV01ativity stable advent calendar

A full size advent calendar with both stand out and slot in pieces. This advent looks even better if you add a straw base (and it helps you stand the pieces up a little easier too!).


This is beautifully illustrated by Kate Garrett with all the nativity characters, animals, angels and a star to put right at the top.

This advent calendar is availble direct from my Flamingo Paperie shop. Click here to go there.

Nativity advent calendar fold out calendar with 24 doors. Code ADV26 traditional advent calendarNativity advent calendars

This is a truly traditional advent calendar with 24 doors to open. The calendar opens out to a 3D scene of Bethlehem and the surrounding area. Open a door each day leading up to Christmas. Illustrated by Anna Cattermole.

This is available in my Cards and Gift Wrap shop. Click here.

Bethlehem advent calendar traditional German style advent calendar Phoenix Trading cards traditional advent calendarBethlehem advent calendar

Beautifully illustrated by Sarah Summers, this was a best selling advent from Phoenix Trading. Sadly discontinued and only a couple left in stock. With 24 slot in pieces you could use this advent calendar year after year.

Available from Cards and Gift Wrap. Click here.

Christmas Nativity advent calendar cardChristmas Nativity advent calendar card xac03

If you’re looking for a small advent calendar that will post for the price of a regular stamp then you can’t get better than this. Also illustrated by Sarah Summers with 24 mini doors to open.

This is a card with an advent calendar on the front. The greeting inside reads ‘Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year’ and this is available from my Flamingo Paperie shop. Click here.

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Halloween Decor

Halloween Decor

Sometimes when you have young children it can be hard to find Halloween decor that’s not too gory or scary. So I’ve done the hard work for you and picked out the best costume ideas, props, decorations and activities suitable for all ages. You’ll find lots this Halloween on Etsy, and quite a few treats for yourself too. They have their own suggestions on their Halloween page but here are my favourites.

Monsters for your Mantlepiece

Halloween mantle decorWhen it comes to Halloween decor you can go cute or gory. Maybe it’s because we have small people in our house that I like Halloween to be fun and decorations to be tasteful but not too ghoulish. These mantlepiece decorations are so simply spooky but stylish too.

If you want to have a go at making your own, or need to choose your colours to fit with your theme then these craft shapes would be a good place to start.


Spider Tattoos

Spider TattooHow can you resist a trail of spiders scuttling up your arm?! Freak all your friends out when you show them your new creepy crawlies.

If spiders aren’t your thing then there are ghosts, witches and more too.

These children’s tattoos are great for younger monsters and for party bags or treat bags.

Photo Booth Props

There are three really great things about photo booths. First they don’t cost much to do. Second they can be enjoyed by all ages and lastly they mean lots of photos and fun memories of your party or get together.

These props will provide plenty of opportunity to be creative with your snaps. And if someone comes to your party and has ‘forgotten’ to dress up (you know there’s always someone) then you can oblige. After all we wouldn’t want them to feel left out would we?!

You can buy the props or you can print them yourself.

Photo booth propsphoto booth props instant digital download






Small and Simple

Sometimes the simplest decorations are tHalloween pompom decorationshe best and these pompoms were too cute to ignore as well as being very reasonably priced.

If you’re more of a fabric person than a yarn lover then you will love this Halloween banner.

I hope you’ve found this useful in your Halloween preparations. Please let me know in the comments if you did and if you see something on Etsy that you think I should include here please let me know in the comments.

Happy Halloween Decor-ating!

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Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party ideas

When I was young we went Guising at Halloween. Basically we dressed up, scary or not scary, went round the town knocking on doors and performing some party piece in return for some sweets, a tangerine or two or a handful of monkey nuts. Then we returned home and my mum had arranged a halloween party in the house. Usually it was just me and my neighbour. Even with just two of us, it was great fun and those halloween memories have stayed with me. We didn’t have a lot of money, though we never lacked for anything but with everything being so commercialised today I thought it was worth compiling some ideas for Halloween. Ideas that won’t cost the earth but will be fun for all and leave memories that will last a lifetime.

I think for a first rate Halloween party all you need is food, some decorations and games. And to be honest you don’t really have to have the decorations but I’ve added a few ideas anyway.

Halloween Party Food

My mum hates cooking! We didn’t have fancy halloween snacks we had regular food but it was all labelled. Nothing looked gruesome or oozed with fake blood. It was all food we knew but every plate was labelled. Crisps became ‘witches toenails’, sausages became goblin toes and jelly became slime. It doesn’t have to take hours of culinary prowess to conjure up a Halloween spread. If you do want to go a bit out of the ordinary then here are some simple ideas.

At a time when the children bring home sweets and chocolate in abundance there are loads of ways to dress up fruit in to Halloween themed treats.

Take some oranges or satsumas and one black permanent marker. A little creativity and you’ve got lots of tasty mini pumpkins to eat.

Use cocktail sticks to cover a pumpkin in fruit skewers/kebabs. If you can’t be bothered carving the pumpkin, draw a face on with a black marker pen. Result, one pumpkin with a wild and scary but very healthy hairdo.

Buy some sausages and some ready to roll puff pastry. Roll out your pastry and cut in to strips and wrap round your sausages. Hey presto some sausage mummies. Add some eyes with writing icing.

You’ll find all these Halloween ideas on my Halloween Party Food board.

Halloween Party Decorations

Rock painting has become somewhat a craze here in the UK. When my 2 year old and I were doing some recently I discovered I could paint rock monsters really quickly and keep his interest. I’ve since seen a suggestion for using these for Halloween. What’s more you could paint your rocks, use them for your party and then hide your rocks later for others to find. You could even have monster rock painting as an activity at your Halloween party. All you need are some rocks, some paint (acrylic is good) and some permanent markers. You don’t have to give your rocks a background colour. With just a couple of marker pens you can do eyes and teeth on any rock and they look really fun, cute and so quick to do. I found that a white marker pen was a lot quicker and less messy than paint!

Use old sheets or towels draped over a balloon and hang up to make ‘ghosts’. Add eyes if you like or just leave ghostly shapes hanging (especially if you want to reuse your sheets!).

Halloween colour in tableclothEveryone likes colouring in. You could colour in this giant poster/tablecloth over the days leading up to Halloween or have it out as an activity at the party. Either way it will provide some much needed therapy on a scary night.

Halloween Party Games

You’ll need your black marker pen again for this game and some toilet rolls. Draw black eyes and ghostly mouths on your whole toilet rolls. Stack them up and then play knocking them down. Use a pumpkin as a bowling ball. I’ve seen this game done with plastic cups too but you can always reuse the toilet rolls after.

While you’re buying toilet roll in bulk anyway, you can play wrap the mummy. Choose one or two ‘volunteers’ to be the mummies. See how long it takes to wrap them in toilet roll, please do leave a space for the mouth and nose! Or split in to teams and race to wrap, or give a time limit and see who wraps the most in, say, 5 minutes.

If you can get pumpkins with stalks still on then set them up for a ring toss. Use glow sticks in the dark for extra spook fun.

Of course there is also dooking (or dunking) for apples, also called apple bobbing. Not sure it passes health and safety requirements these days but it’s a classic. Do have a towel on hand!

We used to make treacle scones and hang them up on a string. We had to try and get one in our mouths with our hands behind our backs. I have to say that jam doughnuts are my children’s preferred food to stretch for.


I hope I’ve given you some ideas for how to run a Halloween Party without great expense and without too much time to prepare. Your children will love it. I’d love to hear what other simple, low cost Halloween ideas you have or how your party went. Do leave your ideas in the comments below.

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Flamingo Paperie best selling greeting cards in August

Flamingo Paperie best selling greeting cards August 2018

August was full of birthdays with 8/10 of the Flamingo Paperie best selling greeting cards in August being birthday cards. Here’s the latest top 10. Look out for September’s list though as Christmas cards start to creep up in!

In reverse order the Flamingo Paperie best selling greeting cards were…


10 Special Birthday

A274 Special Birthday

A new entry at is this fabulous matt textured and embossed card, illlustrated by Victoria Wilkinson. Particularly great for the men in your life. Code A274.

9 Gaming Sofa Birthday

A121 Gaming Sofa birthday

Another new entry at no. 9 is a long standing favourite teenager birthday card. With gloss varnish and illustrated by Julia Rigby. Code A121.

8 Silver Heart

LS53 Silver Heart Valentines

Another new entry at no. 8. Flittered and illustrated by Laura Stone. One of the most versatile cards we have in my opinion. Great for a wedding, engagement, anniversary, Valentine or just to say ‘I love you’. Code LS53.

7 Happy Birthday Cupcakes

Matt textured and flittered and illustrated by Claudine Rose. Code A247.

6 Pink Champagne

A260 pink champagne card

Matt textured and flittered and illustrated by Clare Groombridge. Code A260.

5 Happy Birthday

Down 4 from number 1 after a couple of months at the top is this matt textured with gold foil effect card, illustrated by Alison Hullyer. Code FP6002.

4 Birthday Bunting

Matt textured and embossed and illustrated by Laura Stone. Code A279.

3 Candles (Happy Birthday)

Matt textured with gold foil and illustrated by Joanne Cave. Code FP6020.

2 Happy Birthday Stars

Matt textured with gold foil effect on some of the stars and illustrated by Clare Groombridge. Code FP7008.

1 Birthday Balloons

FP6019 birthday balloons

Not only returning to the top 10 but going straight to the top is this month’s no. 1 bestselling Flamingo Paperie card, Birthday Balloons. Matt textured with gold foil and illustrated by Joanne Cave. Code FP6019.

You can buy any of the above greeting cards by going direct to my Flamingo Paperie shop now or choose a bestsellers mini box to get 1 of each.