Greeting Cards Subscription Box


My monthly card box contains 3 cards and is designed to make your life easier.

Save yourself a job on your to do list.

Next time you need to send a card just dip in to your box and hey presto… a beautiful card ready to write and pop in the mailbox.


Always have a card to hand, whatever the occasion, when you subscribe to my monthly greeting cards subscription box.

Each box contains 3 different thoughtfully selected greeting cards each month.

You will get an email on the 18th of the month. I will ask you whether you’d like to choose which cards you want or if you want to add cards to your box. There will be no extra postage charge if you add more cards. Providing you let me know before the 23rd of the that month your chosen cards will be sent to you in your box. If you don’t let me know I will send you a selection of cards for the month along the same theme as the Deluxe Cards and Gift Wrap Subscription box.

If you’d rather just order some cards then have a look at my Flamingo shop.

How much does a greeting cards subscription box cost?

3 cards a month is £6

How do I pay?

You make your payment for your first month when you click to buy the box on this page. After that you’ll receive an invoice alongwith an email on the 18th of each month. Your must pay your invoice by the 24th before I will post your box to reach you by the beginning of the following month.

How much is postage?

The box price includes postage. If you order additional cards at £2 each, there is no additional postage charge.

What about your buy 10 or more cards save 20% deal you have?

If you order extra cards for your box and the total number of cards is 10 or more then you pay £1.60 per card. Your subscription box cards will also be reduced to £1.60 each with free postage. I will adjust your invoice to suit this.

What if I don’t like my cards?

I hope that would never happen. You always have a right to a full refund if you return your cards to me within 14 days in the condition you received them in. Sorry I can’t pay for your return postage.

What if I want to stop receiving my greeting card subscription box?

You can unsubscribe at any time. Simply click the link to unsubscribe at the bottom of the email sent to you on the 18th. If you just want to take a break then just let me know how long you want a break for and I can cancel the invoice for that month.

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