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Flamingo Paperie is a new company. Offering exclusive cards, gift wrap, traditional advent calendars and stationery they rose out of the ashes of Phoenix Trading.

Buy Flamingo Paperie cards here.

I am an Independent Flamingo Partner. I sell the fabulous Flamingo range of cards, gift wrap and stationery and I also stock other non Flamingo items such as colour in tablecloths and other gift wrap on this website.

You can become a Flamingo Paperie Partner too!

Become a Flamingo Paperie Partner today. You can choose from three special start up packs, each containing everything you need to start your business at the level that’s right for you. Fill in your name and email and I’ll send you the information you need to start today. I would love to have you on my team at the start of this exciting new venture.

Important! Join Flamingo before the end of August and get double the brochures in your starter pack!

Flamingo Paperie Customer Club

Alternatively, you can join my new Customer Club. You’ll receive emails with exclusive special offers, sneak previews and information about new releases as they happen.

Flamingo Paperie Christmas Cards 2018The new Flamingo Paperie range is out now. We have an exciting new Christmas range for 2018 including our traditional advent calendars and our well-known advent calendar cards. Advent calendar cards were possibly Phoenix Trading’s best secret. It’s great to see them continuing with Flamingo Paperie.

Click here to see the Christmas 2018 range.

You can still get hold of a few Phoenix Trading products. Just ask me if there is something from the old range you want to get hold of. I may well have it in stock and if not I’ll do my best to find it!

If you have questions about becoming a Flamingo Partner then perhaps my FAQs will help. Get in touch and we can work out what’s best for you.

Contact me today to be the first to get involved in this exciting venture. Join my fabulous Flamingo Paperie team either as a customer or a partner. Let’s work together to build something great.

Sign up now to my new Customer Club. Receive special offers, sneak previews, be involved in the design of new products and more.

If you’re looking for information on submitting artwork then take a look at Artists Wanted!


Comments 38

  • Hello,

    Will you be accepting artists submissions like Phoenix Trading?

    Many thanks

    • We don’t know yet Tamara, it’s early days. The current Christmas range is ready to go and Flamingo Paperie have bought some of the licences from a few of the Phoenix Trading designs. I would say yes we will be but I can’t yet say where you would submit them to…watch this space!

      • Thank you for your speedy response! I was just putting some stuff together to send to Phoenix Trading when I learnt of their demise. So I’ve been keeping an eye and following your posts.
        Best of luck and I will keep watching this space šŸ˜Š

        • I will ask what the process will be or where to send to and let you know as soon as I hear anything.

          • Flamingo Paperie are accepting artwork submissions. The address to send them to is Flamingo Paperie, 60 High Street, Wimbledon Village, SW19 5EE

  • Do you have an email address submissions can be sent to?

  • will do thanktyou.

  • Hi. Iā€™m interested in submitting artwork to be considered for print. Please could you send me all relevant info as Iā€™d like to know the protocol outlining all aspects required for original designs.
    Kind regards

  • I would appreciate some information too please if possible. regards Christine.

  • Thank you x

  • Hi,
    I was wondering if you would also be kind as to send me some info on sending artwork? Do you have an email address yet so they can be sent digitally?

    Kind regards,

  • Hi, im also interested in submitting some artwork if you could please send me any information that would be great.
    Thank you

  • Hello. I am all the way from Australia and I have a really talented 15 year old daughter who has been completing lovely artwork fie cards for the past couple of years. Do you accept overseas designs. If so, coukd you please email the details. Thank you, Jo Withford

    • I think you could ask. We have Traders in Australia and we’ve had Australian illustrators before so certainly worth asking. Go to and you’ll see the email to send an enquiry to.

  • hi i am very interested in sending some artwork, please could you send me the submission details too?
    many thanks

  • Hi
    Ive been a trader with Phoenix for 20 years since living in France,will you send products to France or if not to friends in uk so I can collect them ? I raise money for local charities in Brittany and would love to continue if at all possible .
    Good Luck

    • I have sent you an email – in short the answer is yes but I’ve sent you the info on how to register with Flamingo and place your order.

  • Hi, I know this is a long shot but I am organising a Christmas Fair (no dates as yet) and trying to look at people who can sell things. We once had Phoenix Traders at a fair and they were fantastic with great stock. Is there any chance you would know anyone in Liverpool or north west who has any old stock they would like to sell. I am so sad its closed down.
    look forward to hearing from you and I have every finger crossed.

  • Hi!
    Have some nice artwork to publish.
    Would be grateful if someone would e-mail me the procedure and contact details.
    Thank You!

  • Hi, would you be able to send me the details of how to send artist’s submissions, please? Many thanks šŸ™‚

  • Hi Janet,
    I was thinking of submitting some artwork to Phoenix Trading last summer, but now the website has disappeared. Is Flamingo Paperie accepting submissions for greeting card designs? If so, could I trouble you for the guidelines and the current address to send to?
    Many thanks!

  • Janet I have decided to join Flamingo after all. Could I have a starter pack – probably Ā£30
    pack to start of with.

    I don’t have an active website at present

    • Frances you need to join via the online link, you’ll get a Flamingo Paperie website included when you join and the smallest pack is Ā£45.

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