Artist Profile – Amanda Loverseed

Phoenix Trading are always looking for new artists to add to the fabulous range of Phoenix cards that they produce. I thought it might be helpful to share some information about some of the artists that already design Phoenix cards, stationery and gifts.

Amanda Loverseed is probably one of our most well-known and perhaps most recognisable artists, at least her artwork is easily recognisable as it is very distinctive!

She works mostly in pen and ink and watercolour, making her work very detailed and very bright. She likes working in a variety of styles and on different subjects, one day drawing black Skull and Crossbones and the next Blue Butterflies and yet her work always has that distinctive ‘Amanda’ look and most of her work has a signature snail too!

On her own profile for Phoenix she says:

‘I have always worked as an illustrator. I studied illustration at Cambridge College of Arts and Technology and immediately, after leaving college, had my first two children’s books accepted. It is particularly interesting to work on designs that require research such as the ‘Kings and Queens’ poster.

I live up a track in the middle of a field with my husband and two cats, Millie and Spinach. I have a wonderful view of the South Downs from my studio window and, whenever I get tired with drawing, I walk along the track and the two cats come with me. If I am out and about I am always looking for inspiration, such as a quirky building or car that will make its way into a ‘Cut Thru’ design or an idea for Christmas cards seen in the spring.

I love illustrating for Phoenix and the creative freedom it allows me and enjoy working with people who care passionately about the quality and integrity of their products. I am delighted that a chance meeting with a Phoenix Trader at a Christmas fair in 1999 should have led me to work with such a friendly and dedicated company.’

I have to say I’m really glad she met that Trader in 1999 because it is a real privilege and joy to be selling her designs!

You might not know that everyone who is an Independent Phoenix Trader gets to vote on which designs get through to each new product launch, this means that being accepted as a Phoenix artist is not necessarily as subjective as you might expect as 1000’s of people could be voting on your design.

Alongside her Phoenix cards her designs are often made in to cross-stitch kits, most notably by Bothy Threads, in particular her cut-thru designs that have also often appeared as Phoenix cards too. One of my current favourites is her latest cut-thru spaceship!

The full current range of Amanda’s work with Phoenix.

Find out more about how to become a Phoenix artist. Go on – give it a try – and I look forward to seeing your work in the next Trader survey!

And if you’d like to know how you could have the privilege and joy of selling her work too then ask me for more information about becoming an Independent Phoenix Trader today.

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