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Are you busy?

are you busy

The most common question I get asked about my self employed, work from home, stay at home mum job is ‘Are you busy?’ I’m never quite sure what answer to give. What I normally reply when asked ‘Are you busy?’ Instinctively I say, ‘yes’. Then I feel the need to clarify what I mean. I’m …

How do I sell from my home?

If you’re thinking of starting a direct sales business then you’ll be probably be told to do some at home events, at least a launch one. Why? Because it’s a tried and tested way of successfully launching your business. You’ll be inviting people you already know, who already trust you and care about you to …

Can I make money at this?

join flamingo paperie direct selling cards

I must get asked this question so often by people considering joining my team of Independent Flamingo Partners. My answer to this question probably applies not just to Flamingo Paperie direct selling but to all direct sales opportunities and possibly to all businesses too. In short, yes, you can make money from this but –  …

Is it possible to earn money as a full time mother without the kids suffering?

mums working from home

Mums working from home have a difficult task on their hands. Juggling work and looking after the children is a tough job. Is it possible to do both? I believe so. In fact I believe if you choose the right business it can enhance the whole experience. How mums working from home can make it …

Did you know?

Who came up with Christmas cards? Which country leads the way in greetings card design? How much money goes to charity from Christmas cards? What’s the average cost of a greetings card? Answers to the above and more in my latest video – Did you know?

How to make money working from home

http://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/personalfinance/how-to-make-money-working-from-home/ar-AAaDKYd Fantastic wee article about working from home and direct selling, including a Phoenix Trader! Find out more about becoming a Phoenix Trader. You can be a Phoenix Trader in the UK, Australia, New Zealand or France and an International Business Customer anywhere. I’m happy to send information out to anyone who is interested in …

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