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I’ve just had a fabulous 2 days at one of the best agricultural shows in the UK, the Black Isle Show. While I do some of my business online, I think it’s really important to get these fabulous Phoenix cards and gifts in the Highlands and Islands.

Fireplace paperchainsDespite the rain, the footfall was good, people’s spirits weren’t dampened and everyone seemed impressed with my fireplace (held in place by some paper chains – just shows how sturdy they are!)

As they oohed and aahed over the cards, I asked quite a few customers, ‘Have you heard of Phoenix Trading?’ and to my surprise many of them said, ‘No.’

Who is Phoenix Trading?

Phoenix Trading has been going for 21 years as I write. They are the only UK direct selling greeting card company and they print all of their cards in the UK*. You can’t buy Phoenix cards in the shops. However there are 1000s of Traders across the country selling cards in workplace baskets, holding coffee, cake and cards in people’s homes, setting up stalls like mine. Ultimately these people become ‘The Card Lady‘ (or man) to their friends and relatives.

Yet many have still not heard of Phoenix Trading and don’t know a Phoenix Trader.

People want to buy these cards and gifts in the Highlands and Islands so we need more Phoenix Traders.

Do you love cards? Are you a stationery addict? Do you know even a small handful of people who would love to have access to good quality, reasonably priced, ethical, and charitable greeting cards? Would you like to make a little money selling these fabulous products? Would you like to be able to buy these cards and gifts in the Highlands and Islands?

If so, then you could be the next card lady (or man).

Starting pack optionsYou can become a Phoenix Trader from as little as £35 starting you off with 45 cards, a
few brochures and some business stationery. If you bought those 45 cards as a customer, even with our 20% off for buying 10 or more, you would pay £63. So if you’re a card lover you will save money whatever happens.

Perhaps you want something bigger than that?

Then start with the £200 business pack. This contains over £500 of cards and stationery, more brochures and plenty of business material to get you going.

Or if you’re somewhere in the middle then there’s a £75 pack too. Which ever pack you choose the start up covers stock, business materials and your first year registration fee (£12 annually). It also covers your public liability insurance (usually about £50 a year) and a free basic website. However you can choose to upgrade to an ecommerce site for a one off fee of currently £15.

Statutory Notice – It is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits for getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved. The promoter of the Phoenix Trading scheme is Phoenix Trading Unit 6 307-309 Merton Road London SW18 5JS

Start now!

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*This is quite unusual as most of the cards you buy in UK shops are made by two American companies (Hallmark and International Greetings). This is despite the UK sending more cards per head of population than anywhere else in the world.


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