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Are you busy?

are you busy

The most common question I get asked about my self employed, work from home, stay at home mum job is ‘Are you busy?’ I’m never quite sure what answer to give.

What I normally reply when asked ‘Are you busy?’

Instinctively I say, ‘yes’.

Then I feel the need to clarify what I mean.

I’m a full time mother of 4 children aged between 1 and 11. Of course I’m busy! Permanently busy. But what people are really asking is if I’m busy with work, or more accurately they want to know if I’m making lots of money from it.

Well, no, I’m not making LOADS of money from it because as I mentioned I have 4 children, aged between 1 and 11 and most of my day (and night) is spent with them so it would be some job that would enable me to do that and make loads of money at the same time.

But I often follow up my ‘yes’ with ‘I’m as busy as I want to be’. Because for me that’s why I do the job I do. It has the flexibility to allow me to be with my children and work in the gaps, but as I said I’m a mother of 4 children so there aren’t that many gaps!

What I want to say when asked ‘Are you busy?’

Honestly, I want to reply with some of the following,

‘Of course I’m ****** busy, I’ve got 4 kids’

‘Well, I might be busier if you supported my business.’

‘You nosy *** you just want to know how much money I’m making, none of your business!’

Naturally I never say any of those things. They usually know I’ve got 4 children. Why should they support my business if they actually believe they can get better quality elsewhere (I haven’t seen where yet) and probably shouting abuse at them would put them off even thinking about buying a card from me.

So I just say ‘yes’ and smile and maybe ‘would you like the latest catalogue?’ Then I dive into my brochure sized handbag and swiftly fish out a brochure from beneath the spare nappy, game of Uno and chequebook. The three things I seem to need most in life when I least expect to.

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