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Mothers Day Cards

Mothers Day Cards

Mothers Day isn’t very far away so I’ve picked out my favourite Mothers Day Cards for you below. All exclusively designed to deliver a smile to mum on her special day. My top 5 Mothers Day Cards Butterfly Tree, illustrated by Kim Anderson I love this card, it’s glittery and just so pretty. Butterflies can …

Wedding superstitions

A137 The wedding car

I didn’t know until very recently that some people believe that whoever makes the first purchase following a wedding will be the dominant force in the marriage. So some superstitious brides will buy something from one of the bridesmaids immediately after the ceremony.   These gorgeous cards are available in my Phoenix card shop. 10 …

Bring back the pen – Virgin.com

Bring back the pen By Richard Branson @richardbranson 10 November 2015 Shocked to read that half of today’s 13 to 19-year-olds have never written a thank you letter – and even more concerning, one in 10 do not own a pen. These worrying statistics are, in part, due to rise of online messaging. Just like …

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