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What to do when your team isn’t growing as much as you’d like and you think you’ve tried everything

Motivate your team

Do you have a team of people who aren’t doing as much as you’d like? You want your team to sell more, recruit more, produce more. You’ve tried everything and you’ve run out of ways to motivate your team.

You need some new ideas

It may be that you’ve been doing everything right in your own business. Your own sales are growing and maybe even your own recruitment is going well. The trouble is that your team don’t seem to be following your lead. You feel like you’re saying all the right things but they’re not responding.

Before I tell you what I started to do to motivate my team let me tell you what I stopped doing. I stopped spending time on the people who simply weren’t doing anything at all. There will always be people who, for whatever reason, don’t do anything. There is little point wasting your time and energy trying to move them. Instead focus on the people who are doing, even if they’re only doing it in small bursts.

Here are 4 ideas to motivate your team so they will grow.

These ideas are simple, low-cost ideas that you can use to say ‘well done’, ‘keep going’, ‘nice one’ in order to make your team members feel special. They don’t take a lot of time to do but will encourage those who do, to do more.

Shout outs

What do you do when someone joins your team? Or when they make their first sale, or sign their first recruit or complete their first project? Did you let everyone else in the ‘office’ know? Or did you say nothing because after all they’re only doing what they were meant to do anyway?

Giving a ‘shout out’, especially when someone starts new, can be a real boost. People need to feel valued. Even though your team member is responsible for their own business and if they work hard they will get the rewards of the company, it helps to get a virtual pat on the back. If you want them to grow then you’re going to have to give credit when they make achievements.

A simple mention on Facebook, on the office noticeboard or wherever others will see your ‘welcome’ or ‘well done’ will not only make them feel noticed and valued but may encourage others too.


While getting a mention on Facebook is nice, getting a handwritten card through the post is much better. It carries with it so much more than a quick text. It doesn’t cost much in time or money to write and post a card to say well done, keep going, thank you or whatever. Here are some ideas of cards that you could use with your team.

Sky's the limit lucy smith team building pink champagne card moose of motivation just a little note to say card how exciting card hooray congratulations card follow your dreams card fabulous you card team building congratulations card cocktail celebration card Chocolate Cake card Butterfly tree


Has your company just brought out a new product? Do you have some company business stationery that could be useful? How about rewarding your team member with some such freebie. Not only will it be a lovely thought but it will save them a few quid buying the new product and they’ll be able to use it productively in the business too.


There are lots of low cost gifts you can send to motivate your team. Depending on the achievement attained you can choose an appropriate gift. My upline has sent me a small bar of chocolate, a personalised mug and a bunch of flowers on different occasions. Other ideas include a personalised bar of chocolate or even a small hamper.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money to motivate your team. You do need to stop wasting time and effort on those who aren’t doing and focus on rewarding those who are. A little encouragement goes a long way.


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Can I make money at this?

join flamingo paperie direct selling cards

I must get asked this question so often by people considering joining my team of Independent Flamingo Partners. My answer to this question probably applies not just to Flamingo Paperie direct selling but to all direct sales opportunities and possibly to all businesses too.

In short, yes, you can make money from this but – Fast car, get rich quick

How much you make depends on how much you’re prepared to put in.

I don’t believe there is any get-rich-quick-with-little-effort scheme. Flamingo Paperie direct selling is no exception.

To build any successful business you need to invest time and effort, a lot of positive mental attitude and probably some wise financial outlay.

Time and effort

Don’t expect to start your new business with a new personal online shopping website and for people you’ve never met to suddenly purchase huge amounts from your website without ever seeing the product or having a recommendation from someone who has.

People need to see a product between 3-7 times before they will make a purchase and they are more likely to purchase based on a recommendation of someone they know and trust.

So if you’re not prepared to repeat a sales activity at least 3 times then it’s probably not worth doing. It takes time.

Positive Mental Attitude

You will need to be determined. People will say no, it happens. Are you prepared to ask someone else? The more you ask, the more ‘nos’ you will get but you will also get some ‘yes-es’ and if you don’t ask you won’t get the nos but you certainly won’t get the yes answers either.

People aren’t really buying the products, they are buying you. Customers need to trust you before they will buy.

If they already know the product then they might trust you because of the trust they already have with the brand you’re selling but if they don’t know the product then they have to trust you first. That’s why when new Traders start in my team I always suggest they begin with an at home launch event with friends. Coffee and cards, at home eventThese people already trust you, they have probably already ‘seen’ your product through you talking about it so they’ve already had a ‘visit’ to your stall, even if only in their mind. It constantly amazes me the number of new Traders who refuse to do an at home event and then wonder why they struggle. If you can’t start with the people already within your trust circle you’re making it very hard for yourself to get your business going.


How often do I hear people wanting to start a new at home business with no financial outlay. Often the reason is fear, not a lack of finances.

If you really want something, you’ll find the money.

Build your businessIf you’ve bought the product and you like it, then surely others will too? Most direct sales companies offer really good, heavily discounted start up stock packs. This isn’t to lure you into the business. They know that starting a business is the hardest part. However, with a good start up stock you are more likely to recoup your initial investment quickly and have repeat customers on board.

So perhaps you’ve read all this and are now thinking that Flamingo Paperie direct selling is not for you.

Well, maybe I’ve saved you a little heartache – or perhaps I’ve helped to prepare you to invest in your business. Maybe you can see the bigger picture, which is that when people who trust you, buy from you, and keep buying from you, then tell others who in turn become customers, that’s how your business grows. Perhaps now you won’t focus so much on the success or failure of an individual ‘event’. Instead you’ll see a process of growth that has many individual steps to it.

You might also be asking if there is a limit to how much money you can make? Through sales alone then yes there definitely is. At some point you’ll be so busy you’ll have to turn down events. There are only so many orders and deliveries you can make. If you want your business to grow then you need a team, a network of Partners who work with you and that you support. In return you’ll get commission from the parent company. How much, just like with your income from sales, is up to you. You can start building your team from day 1.

In direct sales every Partner has the potential to earn as much as anyone else. We all buy at the same level of discount and we call get the same commission opportunities. This is why it’s not a pyramid scheme. How much you earn depends on how much you put in. 

Find out more about Flamingo Paperie


It is illegal for a promoter or participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits for getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.


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Exclusive cards for exclusive businesses!

best seller pack Phoenix Trading

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If you don’t know where to start, and what to order first, we’ve even put a pack together of some of our bestsellers to get you off to a great start.

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However, you can’t do this if you’re in the UK, France, NZ or Australia – that’s because if you’re in these countries you have the amazing opportunity to become a Phoenix Trader and build a team of Traders around you.

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