Thinking of You Week Pack

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If you want to take up my Thinking of You Week Challenge, then here are 7 cards for you to send to 7 different people.

Send a Card, Deliver a Smile!


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We all know someone who’s having a tough time. Think of that friend, family member, neighbour or work colleague who is having a rough patch. Perhaps they’ve recently lost a loved one. Maybe their children have left home recently and they’re feeling a bit alone. Or perhaps they are just going through a rough patch where life just isn’t as good as it could be. Maybe you actually don’t know how things are because it’s been too long since you last heard from them. Thinking of You week 2019 is a chance to change that. It’s an opportunity to make someone smile in a very simple way; by sending a card. I’ve put together a Thinking of You week pack to make it really, really simple for you to make someone smile.

Thinking of You Week Pack

If you only send one card, that’s great! Do it!

However, if you want to take up my Thinking of You Week Challenge, you could try and send 7 cards to 7 different people. To help, I’ve put together this special pack until the end of September. Choose any 7 every day greeting cards from my Flamingo Paperie catalogue for just £10 (plus postage). If you can’t choose, or want to same time, I’ve picked my top 7 for the occasion.

Email me your selection at or get my Thinking of You Week 7 card pack here.

Send a Card, Deliver a Smile!


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