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Sell Flamingo Paperie greeting cards internationally

If you’d like an exclusive range of greeting cards available locally, all high quality with stunning artwork and illustrations, at prices that are really good value – then why not become a Flamingo Paperie international business customer in your area? Flamingo Paperie can supply wholesale greeting cards to businesses all over the world (except UK where you can only buy through a Independent Partner)

Stunning cards from Flamingo Paperie
Stunning cards from Flamingo Paperie

Many people contact me from all over the world wanting to know how they can buy Flamingo cards. Well here’s the thing – they can’t – unless you sell them!

Wherever you are in the world you can now be an International Business Customer with Flamingo Paperie. You can buy wholesale greeting cards at a discounted rate and sell them on to friends, family, through your business, small shop, hairdressers, post office, etc., This makes a nice business for yourself and furthermore you’ll have a never ending supply of fabulous, gorgeous cards for your own personal use!

This is a great opportunity. If you love cards and want to see a better choice, quality, price of cards in your area then you can make that happen. Become an International business customer today.

Be the first in your area to stock these amazing cards. You can contact me to find out more and I’m sure your friends and neighbours will thank you for it. I bet they’d love to know a ‘card lady’ they can depend on!

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