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10 Gift Hampers I’d like to receive…I mean give (obviously!)

Pamper basket Phoenix Trading card gift hampers

Have you always loved wicker baskets and have always dreamed about receiving a hamper gift? However, you have this idea that they are really expensive. Well here is a list of some gift hampers that I’d love to send (and receive!). Gift hampers that seem afforable, as well as quirky and lovely.

Here are 10 gift hampers with something for everyone.

(Confession – most of the links in this article are links that I will receive a small payment from if you choose to buy anything. However the opinions expressed are my own. I decided which hampers to include by doing my own research.)


Percy PigPercy Pig

Not actually a hamper but a Percy Pig gift bag from M&S and let’s face it – we all love Percy Pigs don’t we?


Retro Tuck BoxThis Retro Tuck Box selection of sweeties has something for everyone. My daughter adores Double Dips but there is no way she’s getting her hands on my Kola Cubes! have some other amazing hamper combinations too, worth checking out.


Cadbury Team HamperThere are lots of chocolate hampers on the market but this one from Cadbury Gifts Direct caught my eye because it was aimed at work teams. I’m all in favour of boosting morale in the workplace. I think gifts to the ‘team’ like this are a great idea for Christmas, or any other occasion for that matter.


I did have a look at wine hampers but couldn’t choose between them and as I was looking at them and picnic hampers I saw this Amethyst hamper – it’s purple, what more do I need to say!?

Food Glorious Food

This was a difficult choice – as you can imagine there are loads of food hampers out there but I plumped for the Breakfast Hamper. Don’t you think it looks versatile and could be sent just as a gift. It suits a wedding, anniversary, birth of a grandchild or just for a special couple. To be honest I just can’t resist smoked salmon!


Fortnum and Mason Halloween hamperNo list of gift hampers would be complete without a Fortnum & Mason choice and yes, I have to be honest most of them are way out of my price range. However, I couldn’t help but notice one that was a bit different. How cool to have a Halloween Hamper delivered to the host of a Halloween party? Nice touch I think.


I like cake, I also like cookies so imagine my delight to find a hamper that contains cake and cookies and flapjacks! This is another choice from and I think an affordable choice too.


Heather and honey hamperI think the Heather and Honey Hamper from Virginia Hayward is a pamper hamper that would suit most people’s tastes. It’s affordable and subtle and contains products that anyone would use.


As a mother of small children I’ve heard of Toucan boxes but I didn’t realise that you can actually get Mister Maker boxes. Not quite hampers but a great idea. How often do you watch Mister Maker with your children and think how great the activities are? But you don’t have a wall filled with endless craft supplies and therefore don’t have all the bits and pieces you need to make his makes. Well, now you can. A great idea for busy parents who want to encourage their little ones creativity.

Make Your Own

This wicker basket from Hobbycraft is perfect for filling with your recipient’s favourite foodstuffs – or how about, while you’re at Hobbycraft anyway, a craft hamper? Does your recipient love card making, scrap booking, button pictures, painting, baking – it’s all there to fill your basket.

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