What’s cake got to do with it?

People often ask me why I chose Phoenix Trading?
There are a lot of reasons but here are today’s top 5.

1 – Potential


The UK card industry is huge and growing. Despite what you might think, “that no one sends cards anymore because we all just Facebook each other”, the Greeting Card Association UK (GCA) reports that sales of greeting cards are actually increasing! In fact we spend more on cards than we spend on tea and coffee put together!

2 – Charity

I am passionate about giving something back. Having previously worked in areas like Darfur and Sierra Leone I cannot escape the reality that I am hugely blessed in life. I don’t believe in just giving handouts, on the whole these don’t better someone else’s circumstances, but giving people the tools they need to take control of their own lives and situations – that’s worthwhile. Phoenix Trading as an organisation always looks to share their success, to give out, not keep it all to themselves, and they have since the company started in 1995. All our Christmas cards are charity cards, many of our other products carry a charitable donation throughout the year. Some of my team donate all their profits to charity, and I love to help people raise some extra money for their cause, be it their Scout group or their local hospice.

3 – Being my own boss

I’ve done the working for a big company and having to work overtime to make more money for shareholders with no personal gain and I’m through with that! Anyone with children will value flexibility in life as planning even a day can all go to pot with a sick child, a well timed nappy change, an unexpected nap (from the child not me…though often I wish!). Working from home and being in charge of my tasks and goals, with no one saying “I know it’s tough and we don’t want to push you over the edge but we do need you to work the overtime” (as a previous boss said to me after I had disclosed that I had depression and was struggling to make it through each day), is best for me and my whole family.

4 – Flitter

What is flitter? Why do I go on about it so much? Flitter is that wonderful stuff also known as fairy dust or magic sparkle that people sometimes mistake for the poor imitation that is glitter. Many of Phoenix Trading’s cards are covered in it – and at no extra cost! If the cards aren’t flittered the illustrations are still stunning. When I first became an independent Phoenix Trader I thought I might send them some of my designs but I’ve since been privileged to see some of the original artwork and, no – I won’t be sending mine in, the artists who illustrate for Phoenix Trading are in a league of their own…if you are in that league you might want to look at the info for artists.

5 – Cake!

Sorry can’t get away from it…I’ve tried to eat less of it but there’s no getting away from the fact I love cake. Phoenix Traders eat a lot of cake, drink a lot of tea – and when we can we love wine with our cards too. Being a Phoenix Trader is about people, whether it be listening to what someone wants out of their business, seeing how I can support someone with fundraising or helping someone choose the right sympathy card…these conversations often happen over a cuppa and if possible a slice of cake, I’m not fussy what kind of cake, any will do, I’m easily pleased!

B030-sugar-and-spiceThese are my reasons for today and probably in today’s order but that might change because being an independent Phoenix Trader means I can be flexible like that. If you’d like to find out more do get in touch I’ll be happy to send you some information with no commitment on your part, except possibly the requirement to eat cake if you come to a team meeting
…but as I say I’m flexible – you choose how big a slice you want!

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