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Multi-tasking – is it really that great a skill?


Apparently as a woman I’m very good at multi-tasking. Why is then that I’m not that proud of my ability? Multi-tasking, an ability or a necessity? I just ask because I’ve noticed that if I’m sitting at the kitchen table trying to write a blog post surrounded by 4 children all demanding food, drink or …

Did you know?

Who came up with Christmas cards? Which country leads the way in greetings card design? How much money goes to charity from Christmas cards? What’s the average cost of a greetings card? Answers to the above and more in my latest video – Did you know?

How to make money working from home

http://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/personalfinance/how-to-make-money-working-from-home/ar-AAaDKYd Fantastic wee article about working from home and direct selling, including a Phoenix Trader! Find out more about becoming a Phoenix Trader. You can be a Phoenix Trader in the UK, Australia, New Zealand or France and an International Business Customer anywhere. I’m happy to send information out to anyone who is interested in …

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