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Fancy doing what I do?

Then please register for Why Phoenix? on May 13, 2015 8:00 PM BST Interested in finding out more about becoming a Phoenix Trader? In this short webinar we’ll take you through why we think it’s a great home based business; the market potential, the company and most importantly what it could mean for you! After …

Did you know?

Who came up with Christmas cards? Which country leads the way in greetings card design? How much money goes to charity from Christmas cards? What’s the average cost of a greetings card? Answers to the above and more in my latest video – Did you know?

Why Flamingo Paperie and what’s cake got to do with it?

why flamingo paperie

People often ask me why Flamingo Paperie? There are a lot of reasons but here are today’s top 5 reasons why Flamingo Paperie ticks my boxes 1 – Potential The UK card industry is huge and growing. Despite what you might think, “that no one sends cards anymore because we all just Facebook each other”, …