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Easter cards

easter cards

Easter isn’t very far away so I’ve picked out a couple of Easter cards, gift wrap and gift ideas below.

Easter Cards

Butterfly Tree, illustrated by Kim Anderson

I love this card, it’s glittery and just so pretty. Butterflies can symbolise hope, life, transformation…all things that our mothers give to us. Lots to be grateful for.


Easter Design, illustrated by Karen Tye Bentley

A beautiful flittered design with birds, birdhouses and eggs.

Two Bunnies, illustrated by Kate Garrett

Easter isn’t complete without bunnies and these two might be the cutest pair of fluffy bunnies you could send to someone.

Some Bunny Loves You, illustrated by Karen Tye Bentley

Possible the sweetest card you could send this Easter to a loved one or someone special. I think this would be the perfect card from a grandparent to a grandchild.

Pink Butterfly Cloud, illustrated by Laura Stone

With butterflies being a symbol of new life, you can’t go far wrong with this stunning design. This card is a slightly larger size of 150 x 150 cm too and with the die cut along the top, it looks fabulous on any mantlepiece.

Easter Wrap and Gifts

Whichever card you choose, you’ll be sending an exclusively designed one that will make someone say, ‘wow, thank you that’s beautiful’. If you need gift wrap to go with it then I would recommend either the Pretty Butterflies, Birds and Birdhouses or Flowers ones from Flamingo.

colour in gardenIf you’re looking for gift ideas then you might like the colouring in garden poster. This would be a great gift or holiday activity for all ages. Some of the illustrations are detailed enough for the expert ‘colour in er’ while they will still look good after some embelishment from little hands too.