Christmas Lotto


Contains 4 x A5 boards with 40 playing pieces popped out from A5 boards.

Illustrated by Amanda Loverseed

Made in the UK by Orchard Toys

Educational and Fun

Suitable for 2-4 players.

Age 3+

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Christmas Lotto is a great game for all the family. Contains 4 x A5 size boards each with 10 images printed on them; Santa’s wardrobe, reindeer, toys and Santa’s helpers.

Everyone will love the illustrations by Amanda Loverseed and there may be a rush to choose the board with Santa’s clothes on it, or not. Who wants to rummage for Santa’s undies?!

How to play Christmas Lotto

Choose your board. Pick from Santa’s Wardrobe, Santa’s Reindeer, Santa’s Toys or Santa’s Helpers. Pop out the 40 item cards from their sheets if it’s the first time of playing. Mix the 40 items and place face down in the table. Alternatively use the box to hold the 40 items. Each player takes it in turns to choose one of the 40 items by putting their hand in the box, without looking, and taking out a piece. If your piece matches one of the images on your chosen board then you can place it over the image. If it doesn’t match, put it back in the box. The next player takes a turn and so on. The winner is the first person to cover all 10 images on their board.

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