How to fix Jigsaw Puzzles

We have a couple of fantastic Jigsaw Puzzles available at the minute, based on stunning illustrations by Amanda Loverseed so it’s not surprising that I often get asked how they could turn the jigsaw into a piece of wall art.

Princess jigsawI have grown up doing jigsaws, my family love them and every now and then along comes one that is just too good to break up!

Fixing your jigsaw puzzles so you can hang them on the wall is really quite simple.

You will need:

  1. Fixative/Glue
  2. Old Newspaper (optional)
  3. Wall hangings


You don’t have to use newspaper but it can make jigsaw puzzles a bit more stable if you build it on a good hard flat surface. Once you’ve built your jigsaw slide it on to some old newspaper.

Then depending on what fixative you use you either simply spray the jigsaw fixative on the front of your jigsaw, following the directions on the can, or apply glue as per the directions. Leave to harden and there you have it. Yep it’s as simple as that.

From personal experience the fixative lasts for years. So even if you don’t hang the puzzle immediately you can store it by laying it flat until later. Under a bed is an ideal location!

You’ll need to choose how to hang your jigsaw. You could either glue some strapping to the back then attach some string or hooks, or slide poster holders along the top (and bottom to add weight) and thread string through these. Or frame your jigsaw.Christmas Jigsaw

Happy Puzzling!

Most of our Jigsaw puzzles were originally illustrations published as posters. Now as a jigsaw you can have the pleasure of the puzzle and the satisfaction of displaying your finished handiwork.

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