Do you send 250?

Well, maybe you don’t personally but perhaps your company does, or your other half’s company?

Of course I’m talking about the corporate Christmas card. You know theĀ ones – giant, stiff, corporate cards that seem to come wearing a suit and tie – yep that’s them. Well – fear not there is an alternative because…

New for 2016….

Personalised Christmas Card Printing Service from Phoenix Trading!

Your company can now send exclusive, personalised, charity Christmas cards, all printed in the UK, all from ethical sources. You can choose the card, whether you want it glittery, embossed, die-cut, you could even look at a unique design from one of our artists. The possibilities are endless.

Send cards this year that look good, do good and are good.

Look good because our artists are some of the top illustrators in the UK.

Do good because all our Christmas cards are charity cards.

Are good because they are made in the UK

3 great messages for your UK business to promote through their Christmas cards.

Ask me for a sample pack or take a look at this year’s brochure to get started and order before October 10th for a 10% discount. If you don’t want the minimum order of 250 then you can still send our cards, it’s just we can’t personalise them for you. Either place your order directly through my shop or contact me and I can help find the right card for your business. A handwritten card is a powerful tool for your business.

Increase Your Business By Sending Business Greeting Cards


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