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Valentines Day Paper Chain Hearts

Valentines Day paper strip hearts

I’ve been having fun making some of the paper chain hearts for Valentines Day and made a wee video to show you how to do some yourself.

I used Phoenix Trading’s butterfly and hearts paperchains. They are really sturdy and I love the fact they have patterns on both sides. However you could you wrapping paper and this double sided wrapping paper would look very cool. Just cut or guillotine in to strips and away you go.

These also make great Christmas decorations too, and you can string several together to make a pretty garland.

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The Gift Bag

I’ve seen lots of different ways to make a gift bag but this is the most simple but effective one I’ve found.Christmas gift bag wrapping craft

Making it also holds the basis for wrapping a standard gift parcel and making it look just that little bit neater than usual.

Gift Bag Guide

  1. Lay out your gift wrap and box
  2. Fold over the leading edge by 1cm
  3. Fold the leading edge to align with the far corner of the box
  4. Crease the fold along the near corner edge
  5. Fold in the second side and crease
  6. Apply double sided tape to the leading edge and seal
  7. Fold down top edge and fold in the sides
  8. Turn in the bottom edge to match the diagonal folds
  9. Apply double sided tape and seal up
  10. Press all edges along the box, to give firm creases
  11. Gently remove the box
  12. Carefully pinch the edges to form the sides of the bag
  13. Fold over the top by 3cm and then fold again
  14. Place the ribbon around the bag, keeping the ribbon straight
  15. Tie a bow at the top, and rearrange the bow to the front


It does make a big difference if you use quality wrapping paper, please don’t buy the cheap stuff as it will just rip!

If you’d like to know more about wrapping ideas do get in touch. I do gift wrapping workshops all year round.

Download this gift bag guide now.

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Paper Chain Hearts

Christmas Paper chain hearts garland decoration craft activity

Remember making paper chains when you were little? Endless cutting up of newspaper, or old wrapping paper to make the strips, then glue or staples as you linked them together?

Want to do it again?!

I love making paper chains with my children but I confess I take the easy way out now and use pre-gummed paper chains.

However, recently I’ve been busy trying other ideas Paper chain hearts kids Christmas craft for children with the paper strips, like these heart decorations. Really simple to do and my 9 year old discovered if you turn them upside-down they look like Christmas trees.

I did make a video of how to make these hearts for Valentines Day.