Mothers Day Cards

Mothers Day Cards

Mothers Day isn’t very far away so I’ve picked out my favourite Mothers Day Cards for you below. All exclusively designed to deliver a smile to mum on her special day. My top 5 Mothers Day Cards Butterfly Tree, illustrated by Kim Anderson I love this card, it’s glittery and just so pretty. Butterflies can …

Thinking of You – a Poem

thinking of you week

Thinking of you It’s a nice thing to do just for fun to someone send a card it isn’t hard doesn’t matter who makes you feel good too so let someone know you’re sending a glow from your hand to their land send them some smiles across fences or miles send them a hug in …

Multi-tasking – is it really that great a skill?


Apparently as a woman I’m very good at multi-tasking. Why is then that I’m not that proud of my ability? Multi-tasking, an ability or a necessity? I just ask because I’ve noticed that if I’m sitting at the kitchen table trying to write a blog post surrounded by 4 children all demanding food, drink or …

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