Artists Wanted!

Ever wondered how Phoenix find their artists? If you have ever thought your work might look good on a card then you’ll be interested to know that it’s Artists Wanted time at Phoenix Trading.

What sort of artwork fits the Phoenix Trading artists wanted profile?

Phoenix artwork is a real mixture of fun, contemporary and fine art. It’s difficult to say exactly what they are looking for because trends and fashions change. The easiest place to start might be to look at our current bestsellers to give you an idea. Then look at what’s new to see how things are developing.

This short video clip might also help!

How do I submit my work to Phoenix Trading?

You can post your artwork to them at Artist Submissions
Fiona Ross – Creative & Marketing Department
Phoenix Trading
Unit 6, 307-309 Merton Road
or email

Phoenix will consider ‘paper’ copies of artwork or digital artwork though I know first hand that the creative director loves to receive ‘real’ artwork through the post!

Download an information sheet to find out more about becoming a Phoenix Trading artist.

What happens after I’ve submitted my artwork?

Once you submit your artwork to Phoenix Trading, Phoenix will send feedback on whether they think your work is what they are looking for. If you are successful then Phoenix Trading shortlist your work on to a survey that all Independent Phoenix Traders get to vote on!

So get out those paints and brushes, go on – give it a go! Or pick up the phone and get that artist friend of yours to send her work in. Tell Phoenix that I’m the one who told you that there were artists wanted and when you let me know that the artist is successful, I’ll send you something to say thank you…and good luck, hope to see your work in the next product survey!

If you’d like to know more about our current artists then take a look at the artist profiles of Alison Vickery, Alison Hullyer, Julia Rigby and Amanda Loverseed.


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