10 Activities to keep Children Entertained at your Wedding.

Yes, you know the panic – little Johnny is coming and he’ll never sit still for 5 seconds, nevermind the speeches! Well don’t worry here are some great ideas to keep children entertained and happy and their parents over the moon that you’ve taken time to think of them.

It doesn’t matter what the parents might bring to keep their own children occupied, kids will always be more interested in something ‘new’.

1 Colour in Tablecloth

Colour in tableclothYou can’t go wrong with a colour-in tablecloth. Even better if the children are sitting amongst all the adults, this will keep all ages entertained with the adults having a great excuse to doodle, colour and create.

2 Jigsaw

If you’re having children at a separate activity table then how about a jigsaw – these two are 150 pieces so great for a few people to work at together and not too boring for adults who are supervising.

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3 Wedding party bunting

Or how about getting the children to draw some bunting of the top table?! These colour in paper dolls bunting sets are perfect and it might make a nice keepsake reminder for you.

Paper Dolls bunting4 Doodling

We akeep children entertainedll love to doodle. For a summer wedding try these holiday doodling packs. They don’t take up much space and if you’re on a budget you can split the packs and share them out.

5 Games to keep children entertained

DominoesHappy Families

For smaller children how about some dominoes, or happy families (the ultimate wedding game surely?!).

6  Colour in finger puppets.

Have some fun both colouring and creating your very own puppet show with these simple farmyard finger puppets.Colour in finger puppets

7  Sticker Sets

Repealable sticker sets are great too, with either a Fashion Boutique or Funny Faces option.

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8 Colouring

Little Woodland Animals Card Friezecolour in street

Other colour in activities include the colour in Woodlands Animals frieze/card. Perfect for older children. Or the colour in street.

9  Chatterboxes

IChatterboxesf you’re really on a shoestring budget then split these chatterboxes and share them about the table. They’ll get strangers talking to each other and laughing and joking before you know it. You might need to fold the first or your guests might not realise what they’re for.

Finally – No. 10 – an Activity Bag to keep children entertained all day

why not combine some of the above in an activity bag for each child. Maybe, finger puppets, bunting and Happy Families for the younger child and Woodlands frieze, chatterboxes and Happy Families for the older child. Each of these combinations is under £10 per child and gives them something to take away too.

Having children at your wedding need not be a headache. With these ideas they will remember the occasion for years to come, enjoy every minute without disrupting the event and happy children means happy parents and happy guests…plus, trust me, the adults will love colouring in too!!!

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